Lee Burdorf's Football Ratings

It's Football season!!!   Welcome in.  All ratings and picks are up to date and ready to go.   This is a free site but it costs me.  If you would like to make a donation, I would love it.

This week's NFL Picks


Steelers 11.8 over Titans


Jaguars 12.2 over Browns

Packers 1.7 over Ravens

Texans 8.4 over Cardinals

Rams 6.3 over Vikings

Lions 3.4 over Bears

Saints 18.4 over Redskins

Buccaneers 3.9 over Dolphins

Chiefs 11.7 over Giants

Chargers 14.1 over Bills

Bengals 5.8 over Broncos

Patriots 15.4 over Raiders

Eagles 4.7 over Cowboys


Falcons .7 over Seahawks